The Gift

“That the last of them?”  I glance over my shoulder with a smile and nod, watching with a guilty twinge of relief as the last of the guests backs from the drive. 

“I can’t believe you pulled off such a complete surprise, Liz.”  My friend smiles at me from her sprawled seat next to the fireplace.

“I can’t believe you were so clueless about the preparations!”  Laughing easily I retrieve the last bottle of wine from the coffe table and drop to the floor next to her, tipping the bottle over her glass before emptying it into mine.

“I have imbibed way too much tonight, my friend,” I murmur as I lift the glass to my lips, earning a ripple of laughter.  I lean back against her, soaking in warmth from both her body and the fire for a long moment, eyes closed blissfully, before a glaring absence nudges through the sleepy haze.  “Hey, where’s my husband?”

“You just now noticed he was missing,” she teased, flicking her fingers against my side.  I jerk away, and she grins mischievously.  “Oooh, ticklish tonight, are we?”  My wine glass is plucked from my hands and suddenly I’m defending myself from her agile fingers.  She has me at a disadvantage and wraps her longer body around mine, dissolving me into helpless convulsions. 
“Mercy,” I manage to gasp out through the laughter, and I hear a deep chuckle echo hers.
“You never learn, do you sweetheart?”  With a tilt of my head I smile up into brilliant blue eyes.
“Learn what?  I didn’t start it!”  Fingers sweep up my ribcage again, but my body accepts the touch as caress, not ticklle, my skin tingling, lips parting against my will as I swim in his regard.  His smile deepens knowingly, and he reaches a hand down.  Liz unwinds her limbs from my body reluctantly, reclining on her elbows, full lips curving in a fond smile as she watches him haul me to my feet.  “And where were you,” I mumur, a shiver of desire chasing down my spine as he pulls me against him, claiming my mouth in a devouring kiss. 
“Working on your gift,” he answers, his voice low and intimate.  Liz clears her throat quietly, sending a blush across my cheeks and I turn, unable to smooth the arousal from my expression as Logan curls his arms around my waist, his heat glowing into me.  “Guest room’s ready, Liz.”  Her eyes slide away from mine self-consciously as she shakes her head in the negative.
“Um, that’s okay, can I borrow your car?”  I catch her hand in mind and pull her closer, snagging her eyes with mine, the warmth of Logan against my back and the alcohol in my blood giving me courage that I otherwise would find absent.
“You promised me breakfast,” I tease, voice dipping into an intimate timber as my mind painted an exhilarating image of her body twined with ours. 
“Change you mind, Lizzy,” Logan rumbled huskily, using our clasped hands to draw her closer, sliding his hand along her waist to pull her into my embrace.  Liz’s lips parted, eyes darkened with passion, and I found myself caught in their smoldering depths.  “Happy birthday, Lena,” he rumbled, the stiff whiskers of his beard and mustache brushing against the sensitive skin of my neck as I fall into her kiss, wrapped in their embrace.

© Scarlett Greyson


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