Awakening The Senses

Skin. My waking mind stumbles, halts, and my thoughts skitter around as I become startlingly aware of bare lengths of calf and thigh, torso and arm, twined around my body.

Breath. Slow, feather soft exhales brush against my collarbone, and our lungs move in tandem. I know, suddenly, with certainty, that somehow our hearts were beating in unison, before my abrupt lurch into consciousness.

Scent. I can smell us, our skin, our individual smells, our arousal, and our thorough satisfaction. For all that my mind can’t seem to remember how I came to be in such an intimate embrace, I’ve no doubt it was a pleasureable experience.

Feel. My nerve endings are awake and yearning to wake my bedmate, my fingers twitching against smooth, silken skin, soft, yielding, and begging for further caresses. I can feel the tenderness of thorough attention lingering over certain areas of my body, and know, with a certainty that my lover’s body is similarly well-adored. My nipples grow taut as a thigh draws up the outside of mine, pulling us more firmly together.

Touch. A knowing hand slides along my skin, and I arch, willingly. Fingers, gentle, yet firm, follow down the curve of my stomach, leaving quivering muscles in their wake. A mouth, warm and wet, draws a gasp, and a needful shudder, as it covers a painfully tight bud. My fingers find their way into an unruly mass of curls, and a image flashes behind my eyelids, my hands in that hair, framed by my pale thighs, warm, knowing eyes watching, urging.

Taste. Lips find mine, and I taste her kiss as if it’s the first time all over again, the memory of the night prior flooding over me. Tongues greet and explore, tease and delve, as our hands move, needing, urging, begging, answering.

Hear.  A tortured plead, “Please.” A knowing chuckle, “Soon.” Husky moans, gasps, sharp exhales. The creak of the mattress, a deep moan over a slick, wet sound, a sharp hiss as nails drag down a bare back. Needful whispers…”More,” “Like that?”, “Yesss.” Sounds, syllables, no words, until a low request, “Cum for me,” and an answering escalating moan.

See. Light leaks past the curtain, and I finally open my eyes, smileing satedly as I meet her warm gaze, lips quirked in a knowing smile. “G’morning.”


© Scarlett Greyson


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