It took me a moment figure out what woke me. I was surprised I’d fallen asleep, having never slept on a boat. But, the waves had rocked the small cabin cruiser, and me, until my dreams swallowed me.

Now I was awake. I could hear the light slap of water against the hull, the distant rush of the current against the breakwall. Then I heard it, felt it. The rhythm at counterpoint to the waves, a breath longer.

My eyes popped open. Moonlight slanted through the porthole. My skin prickled in recognition, and I shifted in my bunk, facing across the cabin. The pale light bathed over Lucas, etching him into my mind.

His eyes closed, neck arched, one hand gripped the shelf overhead, the other pulled a slow stroke up and down his cock. I watched in aroused fascination, my heartbeat pulsing my clit.

He took his time. Every few strokes he thrust up into his fist.

I squeezed my thighs when he brought his other hand down to cup his balls. He exhaled a hushed sound, muscles bunching. I dared not move for fear he would stop. My panties were soaked.

A moan reached me when he drew his thumb across the head. His rhythm increased and his face tightened in a grimace of pleasure. He curled up, both hands working cock and balls, and spent himself on his own stomach. I quivered with the need to touch myself.

He sighed, smiled, then looked at me.

“Your turn.”


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