Trading Places

She slid into my arms and pressed her silken skin against mine as you took his hand.  You watched me cup her breasts and I watched him introduce your flesh to his touch.  The time for hesitation was gone.  Your arousal parted your lips for his demanding kiss, your [DELETED]  pointing at him, and we moaned aloud at the sight, her juices painting a slick trail down my stomach. 

My fingers found her clit and she bucked against me.  I twisted us so we could watch you as he dragged his teeth against your neck, his hand drawing throaty groans with each stroke of your  [DELETED].  It was your fantasy to be with him, our fantasy to watch you.  Her lips found mine, chocolate and raspberry from dessert flavoring her kisses, and I slid [DELETED]  inside her.  Her hot, tight, velvety cunt clamped around me as I captured a nipple between my teeth, taunting it with my tongue.

“Oh fuck,” you both breathed out.  I was fucking her, and he was [DELETED] you. 

Her nails scorched trails across my shoulders and she rode against me, her scent making my mouth water.  I lost myself in exploring her flesh, rolling her back along the length of the couch so I could spread her for my pleasure.  My last sight made [DELETED] shudder, flying high on the symphony of sex.  “Oh god,” she whimpered, bowing up over me as I tasted her.

Our fantasy was trading places and you were sucking another man’s [DELETED].


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