Office Interlude

“What are you doing?”

My fingers flutter across the keyboard.


I hit send, and wait.

“Jeez, Wyn, I’m working,” he rasps.

“I’m well aware of that.” The keys click again, a steady stream of innocuous words strung together just so. “If you weren’t,” I hit send, “I wouldn’t be sending this to you.”

His exhale hits the speaker of his cell phone explosively, as if I’d hit him in the gut. “Oh fuck.”

My lips curve, an expression he would recognize if he were to see, one that would find me quickly bound with cuffs, spread for his pleasure. With careful composition another grouping spins out.

“Goddamn-it-all-to-hell, Wyn,” he snarls.

Ahh, that’s it.

“Can’t I tell you how much I miss you, lover?” More words, and I wait with a curl of dangerous anticipation curling up my spine.

The next response is a wordless feral growl, then silence and the chime of the cell disconnecting. ‘GTG’ pops up on the screen.

I jump from my chair when my office down flies open. His eyes are black, lips twisted into a cruel smile, and I shudder, soaking my panties.

He shuts the door, flips the lock, and yanks his tie from his shirt. “Bend over. Now.” He briskly ties my wrists behind my back before sliding my skirt up my hips. He tsks. “Damn. And I liked those.” His fingers sear into my flesh as he tears the silk from my ass.

“You never learn, Wyn,” he growls and slams his cock home.


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