My fun ended when the patrol car squealed to a stop before my house.  I sighed and pulled my canary yellow wrap around me, abandoning my enjoyment.  Hopefully my voyeur would hang around.  I was at the door when the knock echoed through the hallway.  Answering, I made no attempt to conceal my state of undress. I knew who was there.

“What do you want, Frank?”

He dropped his hand as if burned and shifted, pointedly not looking below my mouth.  “Uh, sorry, Caroline, but there’s been reports of someone prowling around.”

He shifted and cleared his throat when his eyes dropped.

“I appreciate the heads up.”

He nodded, his gaze still clinging to the expanse of skin available for viewing.  “Would you like to come in, Frank?” I asked, despairing my audience had left for safer views and hungry for some sort of company.  His head jerked again and he followed me in.

I dropped my wrap and turned into him, dragging his mouth to mine.  He groaned, dropped to his knees, buried his head against my belly.  “God, Caroline, I can’t.  I promised I wouldn’t.”  I sat on the hall chair and pulled his head to my cunt.

“Last time, Frank,” I murmured.  A sound of frustration tore from his throat and he dropped his mouth to taste me.  “That’s it, baby.”

He devoured me a man starved. I opened my eyes to find a shadow in the window and screamed my pleasure, my orgasm shattering me.


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