Hot As Hell

It was hot.

Hotter than any day in her memories and those were considerable.

She felt a twinge of bitter gratitude for her lack of corporeal form. Her elegant house had been chopped into units decades ago. It no longer breathed.

Frustrated, she drew on the excess heat and paced the halls of her home. A cold pocket of air followed, stirring curtains. Her cold footsteps left condensation in her wake.

She drifted through walls, ceilings, floors.

The Jamisons ignored each other in 1A.

Harriet Filmore touched herself under the cold needles of her shower across the hall.

In 2B Vera and her lover quarreled again. It would be hours before they made up, fucked. She’d come back then.

But it was Lily Brant of 3A, who drew Elizabeth. The heat was astonishing at the peak of the house, but less so than the view that greeted her.

The slut twined between two men on the couch, wanton, demanding. A third sprawled on the floor, cock in hand. Their bodies glistened.

Elizabeth absorbed the heat, her body drawing form. She hovered over the lone man, his nipples pebbled as she sucked the warmth in. He arched as her touch cooled his cock, eyes closed. Lily’s voice thickened the air around them.

“I want you inside me.”

Elizabeth echoed Lily’s words.

The men moaned in concert.

He slid into her cool cunt. Elizabeth shuddered.

The heat grew.

His orgasm shocked her, scattered her before she came.

Her personal hell continued.


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