His Present

“Remember what you promised?”

My stomach flopped.  I nodded.

Cool satin covered my eyes, my respiration doubled.  “Please, don’t.”  My voice was barely audible.

“Are you sure?” I swallowed and tipped my head once. He tugged it down around my neck, a reminder.    His arms wrapped about my waist, pulling me against his hard chest.

“You will enjoy it.  That’s your gift to me.  I’m going to fuck you while you eat her.  You’re going to suck my cock while she tastes you.”  My knees liquefied and his grip tightened.  “You will be our toy.”

I hadn’t expected to know her.

~ * ~

Two weeks passed before she poked her head into my office.  Mahogany hair, ice blue eyes, and a glimpse of cleavage flooded my pussy with memories.

Spread open, he stroked my clit, his cock in his fist.  Arms bound, I writhed.  She wrote invisible words down my torso with a finger dipped in her own pussy.





Her last addition written from navel  to my mound.  A period, pressed with a finger glistening with her essence, dotted my clit.  Sounds escaped my throat, wanton, needful.  She rolled my clit, spreading her flavor over it, different from my own.  His rhythm quickened, the head of his cock teasing between my folds.  He came, hot ribbons draping me, enrobing my clit like hot chocolate.  I arched, pleasure rolling through me.

“Are you ready for our meeting?”  I blinked.

My boss waited, expression knowing.

“Yes, Ma’am.”


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