Her Wit’s End

She thumped her hands against her keyboard.

“What’s wrong?”

He dropped his hands onto her shoulders, massaging the knotted muscles. “I can’t come up with anything.”

“The laces one?”

She nodded.

His touch turned soothing and he pressed a kiss against her head. “Try a corset?”

The writer groaned. “Tried corsets, bondage, even untying shoelaces. Nothing works.”

He urged her from her seat. “Come on,” he murmured against her neck, lips warming the tender skin. “We’ll come up with something”. She followed behind him, distracted by her dilemma but willing to be seduced.

When he pressed a glass of whiskey-laced Seven-Up into her hand she laughed. “Trying to get me drunk?”

He nodded, grinning. She took a sip and trailed behind him once again.

Candlelight beckoned her into the bedroom. She stole a healthy swig of her drink before he removed it to the dresser. He pressed her hands to her sides when she tried to embrace him. “Wait.”

He undressed her, tasting her skin as he revealed it. Her knees threatened to unlock when his beard brushed against her thigh. Once bare he laid her back, holding her hands against the bed.

“Not yet.” His whisper tightened her nipples.

His mouth left a tingling trail down her torso. He breathed against her pussy, she arched, spreading her thighs. “Are you inspired yet?”

“Almost.” She lifted her hips.

He nuzzled her, drawing forth a moan. “How ’bout now?”


He tasted her clit. “More?”

“Oh yes, I’ve got it!”


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