“Do you still play the flute?”

The question seemed innocuous at first, but their conversation, much more interesting than the presenters, kept me listening.

“Mmm-hmm. Your hydraulics still in working order?” Her voice was suddenly husky, as if a different woman entirely had taken the seat behind me.

“Check for yourself.” His sudden hiss shot to my groin. “How much longer?”

“Four more.”

“Coat check?”

“Right behind you.”

I could smell her arousal as she slipped behind my chair and squeezed my thighs against the sudden throbbing. I wonder if she’s…if he’s… I glanced around, taking in the attentive audience, and surrendered to temptation.

Their low moans reached me before I saw them; hungry, needy sounds of desire. “Please, baby,” he murmured as I slipped between the columns of wool overcoats. His tie hung loose, shirttails untucked, and his eyes glowed pale blue. She knelt before him, immaculately tailored dresssuit hanging in a disarray, once elegantly coiffed hair tousled.

“Show me,” he rasped as she liberated his cock, the length filling her palm. I watched, barely breathing as she leaned in to press her lips against the shadow of the darkened head, pursing her lips as if playing a real flute. He cupped her head in his hands and pressed the siken tip against her full lips.

She closed her eyes as her mouth opened, tongue snaking out to greet it. He groaned at her submission and fucked her mouth with short strokes. Applause drifted in his eyes and lifted to mine, pinning me in place as he came.


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