This post is long overdue. Thanks to the dedication of a reader who has been checking back periodically I received a much needed nudge today. I said goodbye, privately, to Scarlett Greyson as my pen name quite some time ago. Because the name wasn’t entirely of my choosing I didn’t feel that it was one I wanted to carry forward. So when my life went through a gigantic upheaval in the spring of 2010 I put Scarlett on ice.

Since that time I divorced my husband, moved to another state and really have found myself living quite a different life.

But I’m still writing.

To find me now check out I’ve announced the new pen name a few times on Twitter(@AislingWeaver) but I admit, I’m a terrible blogger….I kept forgetting to come back and do the post.

So stop by and check things out if you’re still keeping and eye on this site and wondering where I went to and I somehow didn’t manage to get you in the know.


4 Stars for Slipping Time!

I just love it when I check my email and there’s a review in it! (Shhh.  Yes, I know…I’ve not had many reviews yet.  Makes it all the nicer!)  But even nicer is the review that I found waiting for my novella, Slipping Time!  The lovely Kelli Collins wrote:

I had a question or two about one aspect of the premise, but that’s nearly insignificant in the face of beautiful emotion, palpable suspense and an almost magical quality that draws you in and holds you tight from first page to last. The sex scenes were lovely in their sadness, in the face of the women’s circumstances, but the author gives them the ending you desperately want them to have. I didn’t want the story to end.

Which of course just made my morning!  I really love this story and it makes me smile to see other people enjoy it!

A Smut Marathon!

The incomparable Alison Tyler has, with her amazing ability to challenge writers everywhere, began a Smut Marathon.  When she opened the call for writers to participate I couldn’t resist tossing my hat in the ring, and despite everything going on in my life right now I think I can manage 250 words every couple of weeks!

Of course, she’ll tell you I slid in under the wire for yesterday’s due date…I promise, AT, I’ll try not to do that again!

So please take yourself over and vote for your favorite piece!  This is something like an American Idol contest(or so I’m told, I’ve not watched it) where the receiver of the most votes gets immunity and the bottom two are eliminated.  The lineup is amazing, so be sure to take a look!

we interrupt this weekend…

for a brief announcement…

My mom’s visiting for the niece’s birthday so I’ve been tied up(no…not that way) with family things.  Which means I haven’t had a chance to write the next installment for The New Canvas.  So bear with me…I’ll have it up tomorrow!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

“A beautiful, sensual, fascinating, suspenseful read…”

Emerald Origami Lucky Stars by 81Gift Station on Etsy

My morning routine is…well, pretty routine.  Get up, stop in the bathroom, feed the dog, start(or reheat) coffee then boot my laptop.  While i wait for it to boot(my baby works at a snail’s pace) I putz around, then check email and Twitter.  Well, the first thing I see this morning, before I’ve even retrieved my coffee, is my first review for Slipping Time!

To quote Alison Tyler, I am chuffed!

The lovely and amazing Emerald is my first reviewer and said:

“A beautiful, sensual, fascinating, suspenseful read — I really enjoyed this gripping, sweet, sexy tale and highly recommend it!”

She also dropping by the blog and said:

Scarlett! I just finished reading Slipping Time and really, really enjoyed it!  Frankly I feel especially impressed by that because I have historically not felt very much interest in either science fiction-type subject matter or girl/girl sex action! 🙂 I really found the story fascinating, suspenseful, sweet, and beautifully told.  Congratulations and thank you!

The two reviews just made my day and I just can’t say how thrilled I am.  Slipping Time is my first self published novella and I just giddy at the feedback!

P.S. Following Alison Tyler and Sommer Marsden’s lead and plugging other artists and so on.  I just love the origami stars!  I might have to send some to Emerald!

Do You Like To Listen?

What about watching?

Have I piqued your interest yet?  This weekend Mr. Greyson and I are making the trip out to Cleveland to join Neve Black for her Naughty Neve Nightcaps!

And, if you haven’t stopped by her dark and sultry haven, she’s reading some of my stories!   Unfortunately, I can’t tell you which(because she hasn’t told me yet!) but I can tell you that I sent three her way to choose from, and all three are rather hot!  And…if I’m brave enough, I might just slip behind the microphone myself and read one of them.

So, stay tuned!  As soon as she posts the videos I’ll make sure to link to them!

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