This post is long overdue. Thanks to the dedication of a reader who has been checking back periodically I received a much needed nudge today. I said goodbye, privately, to Scarlett Greyson as my pen name quite some time ago. Because the name wasn’t entirely of my choosing I didn’t feel that it was one I wanted to carry forward. So when my life went through a gigantic upheaval in the spring of 2010 I put Scarlett on ice.

Since that time I divorced my husband, moved to another state and really have found myself living quite a different life.

But I’m still writing.

To find me now check out I’ve announced the new pen name a few times on Twitter(@AislingWeaver) but I admit, I’m a terrible blogger….I kept forgetting to come back and do the post.

So stop by and check things out if you’re still keeping and eye on this site and wondering where I went to and I somehow didn’t manage to get you in the know.

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