Voyeur’s loose on the world!

I am beyond tickled to announce that Voyeur has been published through Republica Press and has been released today!

Veronica was content with her life. She loved her job, owned part of the company, and things were calm and quiet. She’d put her past behind her and was focused on her future.

Until that night with Magnus.

“You’re such a voyeur, Veronica,” he groaned as her breath fanned humid and hot against the head of his cock. She didn’t answer, just continued to watch, fascinated, engrossed. “Maybe that’s what I’ll call you from now on: Voyeur.”

She scooted off the bed, dropping to her knees beside it, and rested her head on her crossed arms. “Call me whatever you want, just let me watch you come.”

After that night, everything changed.

Who did her heart belong to? Was it Magnus or someone else? Was she truly ready to let down her defenses and step out of the shadows, once and for all? Could a voyeur ever go from being a watcher to a participant and still have a chance at happiness?

Veronica—the Voyeur—was about to find out.



  1. So very cool, Scarlett!! Congratulations!!!

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