Flash Serial:The New Canvas ~ Part 9

This is a continuation of a serial piece of erotic fiction.  You may wish to start at the beginning,here.

Victor’s body refused to cooperate.  When Alexandra closed her eyes without argument his pulse surged.  He’d been unable to resist leaning close and breathing her in, taking her scent, her inate aroma, into his lungs.  His cock flooded with blood and weighed heavy in his groin.  The effort to resist kissing her staggered him.

He forced himself from her, turning instead to his tools, concentrating on the cool smooth handle of his sausau, delivering measured amounts of ink and laying out the miscellanae of his art.  Victor found a measure of distance there and gripped it tightly when he turned back to find her still lying silent and quiet.  Her head tilted as if she were trying to follow his movements by sound; she still jumped when he touched her calf.

Her skin was smooth and warm.  He could feel the texture of the tattoo, the linework still raised; braille that he had created on her flesh.  He adjusted her leg, rolled his cart closer and touched the cluster of needles to the ink.  Alexandra’s body didn’t quite lurch but constricted at the first impact.  The calf under his hands lay relaxed, still; as he worked the other tightened, toes curling, until he glanced up and realized she was holding her breath, every muscle of her body clenched tight.

“Breathe, Alexandra.”

When the first tear escaped it seemed to carry a payload of tension with it.  Alexandra ceased to hum under his touch like a strummed string.  His hands moved without thought, driving ink into her skin just deep enough, an ear turned to her breathing.  He wanted to get through the night’s session, get her tattoo done so he could get her out of his blood, out of his head, out of his life.

This time she didn’t ask for a break and he worked straight through, halting only when his hands forced him to; muscles cramping, joints creaking.  She lay silent when he set aside his tools; merely shivered when he wiped her leg down with alcohol.  With a critical eye he examined the progress, wishing the color were much further up his subject’s calf.

“Alexandra,” he said, the gentle note unbidden but there nonetheless.

“Hmm?” Her voice trembled on the edge of huskiness and she turned her head his way in answer.

“Open your eyes,” he instructed.  Her lashes, spiked and dark with tears, lifted and his breath caught at the luminous green of her gaze. Her pupils constricted slowly and he stifled a groan.  There was no way he could in good conscious let her drive home in her disoriented state.

Victor slid an arm under her shoulders, the other behind her knees and lifted.  Alexandra settled against his chest with a sigh.  His gut twisted.  Her perfume filled his nose; her breath fanned against his collarbone; her body surrendered to his touch.  Victor forced himself to walk past his own bedroom to the guest room.

She whimpered once when he laid her on the bed, sighed when he pulled the blanket over her.  “Victor,” she mumbled in her sleep.  He groaned, scrubbed his face and resolutely turned his back on her.

It was time for a cold shower.


Continue reading in part 10 of The New Canvas


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