Flash Serial: The New Canvas ~ Part 6

The writing below is part of a serial piece of erotic fiction.  You may wish to start at the beginning, here.

She sat in his driveway.  With her hands on her thighs Alexandra collected the parts of herself shattered and scattered by the evening’s session.  Her body hummed with endorphins, her skin shimmered with residual sensation.  It took everything she had to resist the temptation to climb out of the car and go back.
The drive home passed in a blur.  One moment she lingered with her hands gripping the steering wheel the next she struggled to fit the key in her door’s deadbolt.  Her phone was ringing when she stumbled through the door.  “Hello?”
“Alexandra.”  Victor’s voice cut through the fog, a beam of clarity for her to focus on.
“I’m here.”  She didn’t recognize her own speech, the words breathless and faint.  She swayed on her feet.
“Lock your door, Alex, and go to bed.”  He spoke with a firm gentleness that reminded her of his hands on her skin.
“I’m not sure how I got home.”  Alexandra drifted down the hall, her fingers dragging against the chairrail.
“It’s okay.  You’re safe.  Bed, Alex.”
She pushed through her bedroom door and blinked at the dim glow of her dressing table lamp.  A shiver traced her spine.  With the phone cradled against her ear she dropped her skirt to the floor.  She tugged her top loose, letting it flutter away.
“Alexandra?”  His voice pulled her awareness back from where it had floated and she stared into the mirror.  Her nipples were taut, her skin flushed.  Victor’s evening of work saw the tail around her ankle and up her calf filled in with jade and emerald hues that faded away.  It was as if she’d stepped in ink and the dragon wicked up color.
“Oh Victor,” she said, her voice a bare whisper.
“Look tomorrow, Alexandra,” he said, “get into bed.  Your endorphins will wear off soon.”
She blinked and obeyed without thinking, pulling back sheet and blanket.  A sigh slipped from her lips when she lay back on the cool cotton.
“Turn off the light.”  His voice was softer and sent a pulse of heat through her veins.  Did the thought of her in bed affect him?
“Did I lay still?” she asked.  It was an important question, all of a sudden.
“You did well, Alexandra.”
“I love the way you say my name, Victor.”  The words were out before she could rein them in.  Her eyes flashed open and she held her breath.
“You say mine as if uttering a curse.”
“Or a prayer.”
“Do you truly feel nothing?” she asked, closing her eyes again.  He sighed and she heard him shift.
“You’re my canvas.”
“And you need to go to sleep.  I shall see you Friday, Alexandra.”
“Victor…,” she didn’t want him to hang up now that she’d found a chink in his composure.
“Good night.”
The phone went dead and she stared at it.


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