So  one of my favorite readers, Mina, left a comment on The New Canvas yesterday…

Damn. Now I want to *see* this piece!

that got me thinking…could I do that?  See, I’m not slouch in the drawing department.   But if I were to tackle something like that I worry that I wouldn’t have time to write.

So I started musing out loud to Mr. Greyson who immediately said, “I think I could help you with that.  I’ve had a clear image of that tattoo since you started writing the piece.”

Wow.  So he’s going to try his hand at drawing up the tattoo for me.  We need to sit down and discuss it some more to make sure that we agree on what it looks like and all that, but I think I might be able to illustrate the story as well as tell it!

Cool, huh?

I apologize for the lack of posts lately, but life has gotten a bit…full…here at Chateau Greyson.  Late Thursday evening Mr. Greyson pulled a moving van into our driveway with his sister and our four year old niece behind in her car.  They’re moving in with us for a while until she can find a job and get on her feet and so on.  It’s already proving to be a challenge but I’m sure we’ll all adjust.

I’m just grateful for the gift of my Muse Room and plan to spend more time in there! 😉


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  1. I look forward to seeing the piece! Sounds exciting!

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