Flash Erotica ~ Naked

“I know you,” he said the first time we met.  There was something in his tone that spoke to a deeper knowledge than I was comfortable contemplating.  He kissed me.  My body reacted as if he did indeed know me, and it knew him.  His lips, soft at first, soon parted to let his tongue taste mine.  I turned to liquid, flowing into his arms, around him.  He split me, a rock in the midst of a stream, and sank into my cunt with a sigh that spoke of longing, deep, old, and powerful.

“I know you,” he answered, later, when questioned.  He pinned my hands above my head, powerful fingers holding me fast.   Fatigue stripped resistance from my mind, my nerves singing and stretched after a handful of orgasms.  “You need one more.”  He thrust again, lifting up into me, muscles of his ass flexing beneath my heels.  He filled me, holding himself deep, rocking against my pelvis, and I shook.  Exquisite sparks streaked through me and I clamped my legs around him, grinding him into my clit.  He filled me, hard and thick and pulsing, and watched my face as I came for him.

“I know you,” he whispered.  Spread wide, panting, shaking, my hips rocking of their own volition.  His free hand whisked over his cock, his other filled me.  “I know you can take it.  You’re my whore, my slut,” he said, voice harsh with arousal.  I twisted my own nipples and shimmied closer, crying out when in a slick, tight slide his fist settled into my cunt.  He gasped and I wondered what he saw.  Stretched beyond normal my muscles tried to clamp down and the back of his thumb nudged my G spot.  Being so full left me more naked than I ever had before.  “Come,” he bid me and I did, screaming with the exquisite pain of it.  Molten desire splashed on the softness of my belly and he drew his fingers through it, smearing my clit with it, anointing me.

“I know you,” he promised, baring me to his gaze.  His skin seared into mine, nipples tight against his chest, and he bore me to the floor.  His hands knew where to touch, his mouth where to lick, suck, bite.  I tasted him, salty bite of sweat and sweet, musky maleness.  We twined together with the knowledge of years as lovers, the comfort of a decade as partners, the confidence of lifetimes as soulmates.  I cried his name when I came, exploding around him, with him, twin supernovas.

“I know you,” I said, breathing his breath, lips close, staring into his eyes.


dedicated to my lover, partner, soulmate and best friend.  To my husband.  I love you, baby.  Happy Valentine’s Day.



  1. I’ve *so* been enjoying these flash pieces of yours, Scarlett! Seems to me your work is hotter than ever–if that’s possible!

  2. To steal one of your words, searing, Scarlet. Lucky man, that Mr. G.

  3. Beautiful.

  4. very beautiful

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. Just the type of story I crave in these desolate times, to warm my brain!

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