Flash Erotica ~Hush

“Shhh,” he breathed against the soft skin of my neck,  halting my pacing, pulling me back against his chest.  “Stop,” he said, the growl of command turning his voice into a rumble when I inhaled to continue.  My diatribe had begun an hour earlier, before I even shed my coat, frustration and anger and upset taking hold.  I paced the living room, ten steps in either direction, my emotions jerking my hands like a marionette’s strings.

I inhaled, filling my lungs with him when his hands slipped around my waist, under my blouse.  I exhaled as he cupped the curves of my breasts.  My lips parted to speak, to apologize for bringing work home.

“Hush,” he said.

He turned me and covered my mouth with his, silencing further attempts to speak.  His lips coaxed the tension from me, feeding on each little moan teased from my throat.  Stress sheeted from me like water, pooled around my ankles with my clothes as he disrobed me.  “You are beautiful,” he whispered, eyes the blue of a flame’s heart flushing my skin.

Melting, I took him into me.  Wrapped my arms around his strong shoulders, spread and closed my legs about his trim hips.  My tongue strove to form words again and he stilled my lips with a finger.  “Shush,” he whispered, his lips forming an “O” as he slid inside. “You’re thinking too much today, baby.”

I gave up on words.  I rocked against him until he seated so deep inside me tears blurred my eyes.  His balls pressed against my ass, stomach to my belly, chest to my breasts.  Each curl of his hips stroked me from the inside, turning me out, baring me.  The last of my angst leached away, carried in the fluid of my own desire.  I bit my lip, fighting the urge to speak.  His hands held me down, pinned me in place, and somehow his perfect cock found a new place to nudge and tease.

“Come for me,” he said, still moving in that slow steady rhythm, “come for me like you did last weekend, all hushed and quiet and desperate to scream.”  I arched, writhed, and bucked under him, my gasps for air loud in the silent room.  “Come for me like we could be caught, like someone’s in the next room, within earshot of hearing you moan like the wanton slut you are for me.”

Dishes clattered in the kitchen, his hand clamped over my mouth and I exploded, my vision streaking, body quaking.  I clamped around him viciously, legs and arms and muscles pulled him deep and he grunted as he spent himself, flooding me with his heat.

We gasped for breath as my muscles continued to ripple, as he continued to twitch.  His eyes glowed with intensity and he grinned, toothy and feral.

“Guess I won’t yell at the cats, this time.”



  1. Ah – this is fabulous. I’ve got great visuals to accompany this in my head. It’s so real.

  2. Damn! Why can’t my husband distract me like that when I get in a tiff? 🙂

    Short but very hot. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. looks like your little experiment in writing worked. *grins* very hot!

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