The Best Laid Plans…

Well.  My intention was to be well through the second, third, or maybe even fourth installment of the new serial by now.  However, I am far from that.

Being the ever so graceful and talented person that I am, Tuesday evening I dropped my 40# cast iron, 30″ wide griddle off my counter.  It didn’t break and luckily enough it didn’t break my foot(which it landed on) either.  But, as it always seems to happen, the true “impact” of my clutziness didn’t hit until yesterday.

My bad shoulder is now even worse.  If I shrug my right shoulder it SCREAMS at me.  Now, trust me, you’ve not clue how often you shrug in the course of one day.

So.  I’m typing carefully.  One handed, mostly.  I’m sure you can imagine what that’s doing to my word count.  It’s nil, really.

Still.  Ow.  Ow, ow and ow. Damnitall.

Hang with me, okay?  Hopefully I’ll be typing at something closer to a normal speed soon.



  1. *careful hugs* to you hon. Concentrate that energy on healing, we’ll wait. 🙂

  2. ouch. I’m sorry. Hang in there. Sending healthy thoughts your way.

  3. no fun typing with one hand (did that a couple of summers ago when I broke a wrist) – I remember the frustration being just as bad as the pain-

    ((((((((gentle hugs))))))))

  4. Health and healing to you, and best with this opportunity. Have you asked your shoulder if it wants you to know something? (Yes, I am writing that in public. And yes, it is asked seriously. 🙂 Just an offering to sit quietly with it for a moment and ask if it has something to tell you.)

    Big sweater-y winter hugs!! 🙂

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