A 26 week journey.

Fork in the Road by Patrick Smith

On July 31st, 2009 I posted the first installment of the Voyeur series, All for a Glimpse.  I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with the serial and thought it would be an interesting thing to accomplish.  The original intention was that each installment would be a short story in its own right, tied together by the character Veronica.  But it didn’t take long before it morphed into something else entirely.

The last installment of this project will be posted today.  I have it mostly written but am struggling with pulling the trigger on the final piece of the puzzle, worrying it like a dog with a bone.  It’s wrapping up somewhere around 24,000 words, which just amazes me.  For the most part I wrote the entire series in roughly 900 word pieces.  When I was preparing for NaNoWriMo I wrote four or five pieces in a week and could feel the change in flow.

Noticing that means that when I get going on my next serial(yes, there will be another.  I hope to post the start next Friday and continue posting weekly as I have with Voyeur) I want to make sure I write three or four at a time, in close proximity.  If there’s one thing I know is that I am not a sprinter, neither with words or on my feet.  I like looking ahead, pacing myself, planning how I’m going to make it to the next chapter, the next plot point.  So I’ve no intention of even thinking the next serial will be anything but that ~ a novella delivered in serialized form.

I also intend to go back through Voyeur in its entirety, do much need rewrites, perhaps expound on things touch on all too briefly, then release the novella as an eBook.  As that process unfolds I’m sure I will blog about it, and keep track of the progress.

I’m off of work today and Monday, and hope to make some writing progress.  For now, I’ve a lovely little werewolf piece flowing, so I’m going to stop knawing on Voyeur and work on it for a bit.  Perhaps knowing there are other projects in the wings will give me the strength to let her go.



  1. I found this moving. Congratulations on your completion of Voyeur, and thank you again for sharing it so generously.

  2. Thank you Em 🙂 Thank you for reading it!

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