The State of Grace

Purple by UrbanDawn

I’m not a graceful person.  Truly.  My mom was known for describing me as a “bull in a china shop” when I was younger, and I’m still not all that good at moving around.  But I do like to think I move down my path of life with grace, shifting and dancing to my own drumbeat.  (yes…I’m rambling….I’m allowed.)

I’ve talked a lot of paths and mazes.  Well, I’m not dreaming of them anymore, but the path forward is crooked and I can’t see around the bend.  On Twitter last night I tweeted “Sometimes the road seems smooth, but it’s only because you’re gaining speed for the hill ahead.”

My life is about to get a bit. . .full.  My sister-in-law and niece will be moving in with Mr. Greyson and I in a couple of months.  I’m supportive – in fact, it was out of my mouth that the suggestion came on Friday evening when he was speaking with her.  It’s always been something we’ve expected to happen since we relocated – they’re very close, and our niece practically views my husband as her dad.  He’s one of the few stable aspects of her life.

But it certainly will prove to be a challenge.

In addition to all of that, I’m only a few hundred words from bidding the Voyeur series goodbye.  I’m a bit sad about it.  these characters have been with me for a full half a year now.  I see them every week, think about them even more often.  But, I am liking the ending I’m giving Vee, and that’s making it easier.

Sommer blogged yesterday about feeling blue.  Well, today…today I’m purple.  I’m a bit pensive, a bit thoughtful.  I’d like to stroll through a field of lavender, let my fingers brush the blossoms, spilling the fragrance into the air, and find some measure of quiet about the whole thing.  The last few weeks feel as though we’ve been climbing *click*click*click* up the big hill of the roller coaster and I’ve just heard the chain disengage.  The cars are cresting the hill and soon, very soon, gravity will be in control.

And I need to try to stay on the track.


  1. I love the idea of strolling a field of lavender – how gorgeous.
    Try not to think of it as free fall, rather a path that you’ve crafted and though it may have some twists and turns that are unexpected, you’re equipped to handle it. What an interesting phase of life you’re about to enter!

  2. Beautiful picture.

    The description in the last two sentences of this post reminds me of the seasons. In Five-Element Acupuncture, Spring begins on February 1, and the transition season of “Late Summer” has sometimes been considered to emerge in the transitional time about a week before or after each season. My understanding of Spring definitely fits with the idea of the roller coaster cresting and going, as well as Winter being a “click-click-click” time.

    Very best to you….

  3. […] I looked back.  Two years ago tomorrow I blogged as my former self, Scarlett Greyson.  Reading it was illuminating.  I remember that particular point in time very well.  My ex and I […]

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