A New Year Is Here

I’m not normally one for making resolutions on New Years.  It has always seemed to me that doing so invited failure, as I always set goals that were rather unrealistic.  So, no resolutions this year, but I do have some plans.  Plans that line up like abacus beads.

Starting Monday I’m hoping to succeed in implementing a writing schedule.  My husband remodeled what had always been referred to as my “craft room” into what he has since dubbed “The Muse’s Room” for my birthday.  I’ve a desk to work at, my mom gave me speakers for Christmas so I can tune out the rest of the world and my husband got me a USB keyboard and mouse so I’m not trying to use the laptop keyboard.  The room is warm, comfortable, and welcoming.  I’ve spent some time in there, but it still needs some organizing – I’m hoping to do that this weekend.

I will write every day, at a set time.  I hope.  I have projects that I intend to tackle.  The Voyeur series will be wrapping up by the end of the month.  Once done I plan to pull the individual parts together into an ebook and publish it.  I’ll do some necessary rewrites and thread plot lines that developed late back into the beginning of the story.

I have a new serial planned to take Voyeur’s place.  I have enjoyed writing Voyeur, enjoyed the weekly interaction with my readers, the anticipation that builds.  I hope to get more short stories written this year and start subbing to anthologies, but the projects that are really crying for attention are novels.  I’ve a complete novel that needs rewrites.  There’s also a novel that I started working on some five years ago that I’m itching to get back to.  I love the characters, and am ready to get back into the thick of it with them.

And that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head!

It promises to be an interesting year.  A full year.  A challenging year.

But I’m ready for it.

Happy New Year!



  1. Happy New Year to you too! It sounds like you’ve got a real plan for this year and I applaud it heartily. Though I must admit, my heart lurched when I saw “Voyeur series will be wrapping up by the end of the month”. I have very much enjoyed the series, and hate to see it end. But – published as a ebook? That’s excellent! And another series in the works? Wonderful! I’m looking forward to this year unfolding as well, and I will be looking forward to seeing what it brings you (which by extension will bring me, how selfish!) 🙂 *muah*!

  2. That’s a great idea – best of luck with your writing plans, and for 2010 in general.

  3. Happy New Year Scarlett!! I have considered it such a pleasure to get to know you this year, and I have truly enjoyed following your blog and the writing you have posted here. All the best to you in 2010 and always.


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