A letter to Santa…

Dear Santa,

I know you dread these letters, don’t you?  Letters from we writers who fill it with pretty prose and turns of phrase.  And yet, what do we ask for?  Do we ask for new pens?  Of course not.  Do we ask for pretty paper to help coax our muses forth?  No…that would be too easy.  I’m sure it’s rare we even ask for those big items; new computer, desk chair, private office space!

No…I’m sure you get letters just like this one, Santa.  We writers ask you for the things you can’t provide, because they aren’t tangible, aren’t things your wee elves can wrap up in pretty paper and tie a bow about.  I have paper, Santa, and pens were I so inclined to write in that fashion.  My computer’s slow, but it keeps up with me, so it’s more than adequate.  I’m even lucky enough to have that private office space.

But I need those intangibles, old man.  I need the time to spend in my office.  I need that flare of inspiration that grabs me by the nape of the neck and pulls me along willing or not.  And I need talent, Santa.  I need to be able to get those images from my head to paper or screen, to share with my readers.

I’m not being selfish,  Santa.  Honest.  I write to be read.  I write to deliver what’s in my mind to the world.  I want to share my visions, my ideas, my dreams.

So what do you think, Santa.  Think you can help this lowly writer out?


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  I send you wishes of happiness and joy and generous muses.



  1. Merry Christmas Scarlett!

  2. Well, how blessed are you my dear? Apparently Santa came very early, ’cause I see an abundance of talent. 🙂 Very happy holidays to you and yours – I expect this coming year brings great things for you!

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