You Know What I Mean…

You know that person you just want to grab ahold of and sit down?  The fidgeter, the worrier, the pacer who’s constantly moving in your peripheral vision? 

That’s my muse right now.  She’s ancy, nervous, twitchy.  She won’t sit down and absolutely refuses to talk about it.  I’ll hiss at her to stop and she’ll freeze like a rabbit hoping the predator will pass her over and the moment my attention is redirected her toe starts to bounce again or her fingers to tap.

I’ve really no explanation for this happening. 

The absofantabulous Sommer Marsden posted a TED conference video yesterday that made me rather sigh in relief a little.  While Elizabeth Gilbert was talking about people viewing creativity as from within themselves, I’ve always personified mine.  If I’m not writing something(as I am right now) then my muse is not letting me in on what she’s doing.  If she were, I imagine I might be writing poetry, to judge by her level of angst and agitation.  If I wake in the middle of the night at a jolt of inspiration I will tell you that my muse woke me up.  And I rarely, ever, claim my work, instead saying that I’m merely channeling my characters at the bidding of my taskmaster of a muse.


Check out the video.  It’s amazing.

And hopefully my muse will clue me in on what’s wrong, so I can get back to writing soon.



  1. Don’t have time to watch right now, but sounds fascinating – I will check it out tomorrow

  2. That video was amazing and it made me feel 100% better about my lack of productivity. My muse seems to be on vacation. She checks her email and voicemail occasionally but for the most part she is on a bit of a holiday. I’ve been hammering along without her; framing up ideas and such. I’m giving her to the first of the year and then I’m gonna hunt her down, lash her to a chair and get creative in a hurt-y way until she spills.

  3. Robin – its definitely worth the watch. I made Mr. Greyson sit down and watch it with me last night…he enjoyed it, though I’m not sure he took from it what I was hoping he would.

    T – I am so glad you enjoyed that. It was awesome to find that my relationship with my muse is a “healthy” one! And I’m with you on the hunting the muses down!

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