Slipping out of Character

IMG_4541Saturday Mr. Greyson and I attended a Halloween Bash put on by one of the local radio stations.  We didn’t really have a good time, discovering that unless you knew people already mingling just didn’t happen, not to mention the soundstage losing power for two of the five hours we were there.  But…that’s neither here nor there.

It’s been close to a decade since I last dressed up for Halloween.  I’m really a down to earth person.  Quiet, unassuming, rarely the center of attention and unwilling, for the most part, to make ripples.  I lean towards jeans and a comfortable sweater, rarely wear makeup and am prone to simply tying my hair up in a ponytail.  So when it comes to Halloween I end up doing more than just dressing up, I end up stepping out of character. 

IMG_4550I decided to dress up as a goth chic for the party.  It’s not really a costume in the true sense of the world, but I certainly was going as a different person.  My mom dyed my hair and I started dressing.  Each article of clothing seemed to be part of a magic charm.  Black slacks that fit snugly and flared at the leg.  Red corset, laced tight, with a multitude of tiny hooks up the front.  White ruffled shirt for some contrast, and because I simply am too self-conscious to go without something over the corset.  Then makeup.  Then the nearly knee high black boots with the 2.5″ heels. 

When I finally stepped out into the living room both my mom and husband were stunned into silence.   She uttered a hushed “Wow” and I watched him shift and his adam’s apple bob. 

Later my husband, when I asked him “Why are you looking at me funny?” answered “Because you don’t look like you!”  I knew then that I had succeeded in my costume.  Everything about me was strange, and I felt I walked around in someone else’s skin for the night, someone who wasn’t shy about baring flesh or walking with a sway to her hips.  I think it would have been fun, had the party we attended not been a disaster.  We’re planning to make the drive out to Cleveland to attend the Literary Cafe’s Halloween Party and meet Neve Black.  I think I’ll be dressing up the same, with a few added touches, and that this party will be MUCH more enjoyable. 

All in all, I didn’t mind stepping out of character, and I think I just might have to do it again for a private party with Mr. Greyson, and see what happens 😉