Lost in a Maze

Vivid dreams are far from rare for me, but last night’s deserves preserving.


I was in a maze.  This is a theme, lately, with the maze being constructed of different materials with different inhabitants from night to night. 

Last night it was steel.  Stainless steel, polished so I was shadowed by my own blurry reflection as I tried to find my way through.  The panels reached high above my head and wind whistled above, shoving feathers of clouds into streaks across a sky the color of a fading bruise. 

I started out trying to follow the golden rule of mazes.  Keep turning in the same direction whenever possible.  I did fine for a while, and though I had no clue where I was in the grand scheme of the maze I felt I was making progress; either towards the exit or the center. 

Then things started to go sideways.  I was turned around one of the steel panels and was greeted with a twisting column of fire.  It burned hot, pale blue at the center and shimmering.  The heat beat against my face and arms, alarmingly hot and the metal behind it glowed a lurid red.  The column stretched up as high as the maze before fading into yellow licks of flames. 

Abruptly it went out, only the fading darkness on the wall and the scorch on the granite underfoot marking its presence.  The heat disipated and I continued on, being certain not to linger too long.

The occurence repeated at odd intervals, with the fire taking different shapes and varying intensities of inferno.  Then I started to hear voices.  Not whispers but out and out conversations, and they always seemed just on the otherside of the panel I was walking along.  I struggled to follow one pair as they engaged in a low but passionate quarrel. 

I was quickly led astray of my intention to make consistant turns. 

The further I walked the more blackened rock I happened across, the more eery fires appeared.  Soon it seemed every step I took was over a dark, cracked slab of rock, every foot of steel I passed was darkened with the distinct blueing of tempered steel.  My anxiety built when the fires began to block passages and flaring up behind me, giving me no option but a predetermined path.

Then I woke.



  1. Okay. Interesting. I just woke up (late) and my dreams are fading (nothing premonitious – that’s a word I just made up apparently). But I can see why this one got your attention.

  2. Oh it definitely got my attention. Relayed it to Mr. Greyson, and his response was “you’re dreaming about how to get to want you want or where you want to be.”

    Perceptive. But it’s not “want” it’s need. I need to get to a certain point, and there’s only one path there, and if I let myself get distracted I won’t be able to get there.

    I think. That’s my take so far. But the other thing that was strange is that my first conscious thought in that steel maze was “Ok. Another maze. I know what I need to do.” There was no anxiety until I let myself lose focus.


  3. I think your interpretation is spot on. But what does the fire represent? Things you need to or have already over come, maybe?

    • I think, maybe, the fires are things that I need to stop and pay heed to. When on the correct path they only slowed me down. In fact, I found myself appreciating their inherent beauty, their differences, and even the beauty left in their wake. As soon as I deviated they became insurmountable obstacles that stood in my way and forced me further from the path I needed to be on. I think. 😉

  4. What a fascinating, vivid dream (or description of it at least). And wow, I really feel…moved, I guess is the way I’ll put it, by your interpretation of it. I feel like I know just what you mean about paying exquisite attention and being forced to do so slowly sometimes, since the chatter of the mind that can distract us sometimes does so by encouraging us to move quickly and not pay attention. Um, I might be bringing my own projection(s) to that, but I did find what you said very interesting.

    I have had dreams lately that have seemed to call my attention to fears in my sub- or unconscious. I don’t feel sure, either, in general right now, so it doesn’t/wouldn’t surprise me if dreams are being utilized right now to convey things to or show me things.


    • Hi Em – it was a very vivid dream! I’m always thrilled when my dreams manage to stay in my memory instead of trickling out immediately upon waking.

      I’ve always dreamed quite vividly and always look at them from different angles to try to figure out what I’m supposed to take from them. Some are just lighthearted silly things, but others, like this one, speak directly to something.

      I do know something of what this dream is about. But I can’t share that quite yet. Hopefully, if things go well over then next couple of weeks I’ll be able to!

  5. […] talked a lot of paths and mazes.  Well, I’m not dreaming of them anymore, but the path forward is crooked and I can’t […]

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