Some Reading in Lieu. . .

Due to a change in work schedule that has me back to five work days as opposed to the decadent four day schedule of the summer, I’m going to change the Voyeur posting day.  Instead of posting on Fridays please look for the updates to arrive on Saturdays from now on.  If I can post it early I will certainly post on Friday, but I have the feeling that will be a rare occurance, especially as the story’s getting a touch more involved!

But, just because there’s no Voyeur available yet doesn’t mean I don’t have something for you to read!  A while back I posted a story called “Pay the Piper”.  The piece was written in response to a challenge issued to the writers of the ERWA Storytime message group – to write something where the kiss was the focus, as opposed to it’s normal position as foreplay. 

The amazingly talented Remittance Girl put together the pieces submitted for the challenge into an breathtaking illustrated anthology that is now available, free, for your pleasure.  You can download it here or at ERWA

 To give you a taste of what’s in store, here is Remittance Girl’s introduction to this powerful collection:

Kisses have been described in literature throughout history, but rarely have they been given the attention they deserve. A kiss is often the first, truly intimate contact lovers have. In fact, it is often the event that allows the people involved to think of themselves as lovers.

Other animals may meet, mate and bond but only humans kiss. And, although there are many cultures that view other forms of contact as more intimate, western literature, photography and film have spread the romantic and erotic concept of the kiss around the world.

In erotic fiction, the kiss is too often described in passing on the way to more overtly sexual acts. This collection of kisses grew out of a challenge thrown down in the Writers’ section of the Erotica Readers & Writers mail list: write the best, most innovative and original description of a kiss.

Each of the pieces is less than 1000 words long. They are not meant to be complete stories, only the capturing of those breathtaking, heart pumping, andrenalin inducing moments when lips meet and – whatever lies you might tell yourself – there’s no going back.

The old theme song from the 1942 movie Casablanca tells us that “a kiss is just a kiss” but we beg to differ.

— Remittance Girl, editor


You can also find a wonderful review of the anthology by Jean Roberta up on the ERWA Blog as well! 

So…download the eBook, make yourself comfortable and let the collection of stories make you yearn to pucker up and indulge in one of those rare, heartstopping, breathstealing kiss with your sweetie when next you see him/her!

And I promise I’ll try to have some Voyeur up for you tomorrow 😉



  1. Congratulations, Scarlett! It sounds delightful, and thanks for posting the introduction.

    I’m quite behind on blog reading, and I look forward to catching up on the Voyeur series.


    • Thanks Em 🙂 I’m pretty happy to be included with some really amazing stories. I look forward to your thoughts on Voyeur 🙂 ~SG

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