Homemade Man Candy


Don’t you want to follow him?  I know I do 😉 (Actually…I did.  Yum.)

I’m a lucky woman.  I really am.  See the wedding ring?  *I* put that there.

I met Mr. Greyson way back in the spring of 1998.

He’s my rock,

my tree in the forest,

my touchstone.

And he’s my man candy 😉

Giving props to my husband today.  Without him I would’t have the nerve to write a thing.



  1. You’ve made me smile, actually giggle, today. How wonderful that you are so in love, and lust dare I say. 🙂 Bravo for you both – I’m betting you make a stunning couple in rl.

  2. Definitely in love and lust, May! He inspires a LOT of my work 😉 ~ SG

  3. Nice! (the man candy and the sentiment!)

  4. So nice. I second Maydeva’s comment above, I’m sure you both make an exceptionally stunning couple.

    • Thanks, Neve *hugs* not sure I count as stunning, but I certainly think my husband is! *grin* ~SG

  5. awww so sweet!

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