Writing this morning. . .

I got my first rejection Thursday.

And it didn’t sting as bad as I expected.  Granted, part of that is because, at least in my small circle of acquaintances and friends, no one could figure out what they wanted.  But, I will say that the editor was generous enough to include some feedback which I will take to heart.  I think another side of it is that the inspiration for this piece was SO long in coming that I didn’t finish it until two days before the deadline.  So I can say with complete honesty that I know I didn’t put my best foot forward.

So.  Onward.

Mr. Greyson has been a rock of support for me through this.  He’s proud of me.  Proud that I pushed through, writing at a blistering pace to complete something instead of just shrugging it off with a procrastinator’s guilt.  He’s also been acting as my first line of criticism.  He doesn’t pull punches(and, well, after 11 years you would hope it wouldn’t) and is quite honest with me when he thinks something isn’t working.  Generally that means I’m trying too hard and I need to step back from it.  If it weren’t for his support. . .well. . .

I have too many pies in the oven right now.  I have a novella waiting for me to return to it, the ongoing Voyeur series, and two other flash series in progress or waiting to be started.  My writing folder is a jumble of files with just one sentence or three paragraphs or whathave you just waiting to be expounded upon.

Right now, though, I’m going to turn my attention to yet another new project.  Yes, I know.  But a vivid dream yesterday sparked my imagination and I started writing an opening paragraph.  And another dream last night exploded that paragraph into a story.  It’ll be dark and maybe a little twisted.  I don’t know all of where it’s going(I never do) but I’m interested to see where my muse is headed.  She’s cast herself in a film noire light this morning, I think.  The story will be titled “Piece of Strange”.

Off I go.  I need to refill my coffee mug and start getting the images out of my head.  Have a great Saturday!