Poetry? – Play Me

No clue where this one came from.  Listening to Leahy this afternoon and it rolled out onto Twitter.  And, since I know I’ve friends who aren’t tweeters…

Play Me

I’m lost to the music today.

Each note plucking at my soul,

strings under an artist’s fingers.

I could float away with the melody.



Melt into the silent betweens,

the artful pauses.

Strung taut,

waiting for someone to loosen me,

to let off the pressure.

Until then, my mind hums,

sings with each breath,

a wind harp to be played on the mountain side.



  1. i like it, well written

  2. Very nice. Thanks for posting this here.

    *one of your none tweeting friends*

    • *hugs* Glad you liked it Robin. If I had realized my tweets were poetry bound I wouldn’t have tweeted them, but once the started flowing I had to finish.

      Weird how the poems have bubbled up of late.

      Glad you liked it 🙂 ~SG

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