The Man’s a Tease…

Alison Tyler’s current 250 word challenge is themed “Tease”.  While I haven’t written my piece for this one yet, Mr. Greyson, who from time to time has a great idea for the challenges but rarely has the time to write it, had to answer this one.

Now, I’m posting this here because it’s not a traditional response.

The following image is his submission.  Since and picture is worth a thousand words . . .and the challenge is limited to 250…


Image © Scarlett Greyson



  1. I could have sworn AT said the full shot would be posted here. When’s the unveiling? Huh? Huh??

    Even in it’s quarter form, it’s lovely. 😉

  2. Arrgh — “its“, not “it’s.” Jeez. (Bedtime!)

  3. LOL…oh, and Em(and Sommer) the man said he will consider a trade of the full shot for one of you in kind ~wink~

  4. ah, but see, that won’t be necessary. because i just came to see what’ was um…up. and i stood up to go to let the dog out and voila. the shifting of pixels and whatnot and tada!

    so yeah. what? was there a question? my brain just went. bzzt! bzzt! bzzt!.

    better than hidden dinosaurs, though. truly.

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