Coming up for air.

I’m taking a breath, stepping away, and saying “Yes, I’m here, I’m okay, and I’m sorry I’ve been quiet.”

And, yes, gratuitous kitty pic 😉

I’m discovering in a somewhat painful manner that I can only write so many words a day.  Yes, I know, “Duh, Scarlett,” but no…follow me for a minute.  The last month has been incredibly hectic, and I found that I was blogging and commenting and emailing with friends, but getting little more than my current submission to AT’s 250 word challenges done.

And that really was bugging me.  I thought it was because I was uninspired, that nothing was there to write about.  So, for a couple of weeks I let it go, figured my muse would thwack me with something and I’d be back at it.

Not so.  You see, between work and home and life, I get to sit down and write for maybe an hour, tops two, a day.  Sure, I might squeeze fifteen minutes here or there, but that doesn’t get you far when you’re working on a plot.  I have to remember where I was, find the tone, find the emotion, the sensation, and by the time I do that some other task is bellowing for my attention. 

Well, last week, Wednesday-ish, I think, inspiration did arrive.  And my muse didn’t thwack me.  No, my muses grabbed me, sat me down, and said WRITE.  WRITE NOW.   Between Thursday morning and today I’m more than 7k words into a new piece.  I’ve no clue what the end length is going to be, but it’s flying from my fingertips at an alarming rate.  I’ve never surfed, but I think, if I did, I’d describe this as catching the perfect wave. 

The downside is that it’s taking every free word I have.  Yes, I said word.  I’m writing on this thing, currently titled “Slipping Time” before I leave for work in the morning, on my breaks, lunch, whenever I can steal a moment.  It goes everywhere with me – saved on a thumbdrive in my pocket.

So, bear with me, okay?  I have things I’m planning to do…Beginner’s Blog, my new serial, and others…but I have to write this story.  It’s not for a submission, so once it’s done I might post it here.  Will that make up for my silence? *hopeful smile*





  1. Hey, writing is good. I’m starting to think that I’m not going to get anything of any consequence written until after the kiddies are back at school – or until at least mid-august when my daughter goes to visit her sister. I’m not one to lock myself away from my kids, and so not much is getting written this summer.

  2. Good for you! It’s a learning process for everyone. There are days when I’m consumed with other things and I can’t write and then there are days when I can write and I spend the time blog hopping.

    It’s fabulous to hear your muse is so forceful with you – sometimes that’s what everyone really needs. 🙂

  3. I hear you, Scarlett. I have sometimes felt amazed by how much time I’ve seemed to click around on blogs reading and commenting. Then I look around and wonder where the time I was planning to spend writing went. :/

    Best to you with your writing (and your Domme muse! 😉 Ooh, does she wear lovely corsets and patent leather boots?…)!

    Hugs back.

  4. Thanks Robin, Neve, Emerald! It’s been just a startling experience. The WIP’s at 9K now, and I’m stepping back to let it sit a bit. It started to sound forced this morning, and I need to figure out how to get from where I am to where I know I need to go. So I’m gellin’. Well, not really, since I wrote a hothothot little 800 word f/f piece this morning.

    Anyone wanna read? Drop me a line! *hugS*

  5. And I don’t know what she wears, Em! I’m not allowed to look 😉

  6. There is a reason why I get up at the butt-crack of dawn to write, and why I get very little else done during the day. If you make your priority writing, then the writing gets done, and that’s how it should be. The blogging and commenting, etc., are nice, but as you’ve discovered, contribute nothing to your word count at the end of the day.

    So go on, write that story! It’ll be brilliant. Then afterward, you can come up for air and tell us about it };)

  7. […] relative silence the last couple of weeks has been a combination of a factors.  One, as referenced here, has been the insistance of my muses that I write this story.  Well, at 12.5K it’s complete […]

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