Constant but changing


I grew up in the Great Lakes area.  Born mere miles from the shores of Lake Ontario, no matter how far away I traveled, the Lakes are in my bones.  They’re like living near the ocean, though the impact is more subtle.  You get to sense them, feel them.  I live near Lake Erie now, and it’s the same.  I can smell the Lake, the nearness of that huge body of water.  I can point towards the Lake no matter where I am.  The vastness of the water gives the sky a special aura.

It’s a constant, for me, and one that’s all too appropriate.  The way the sky stretches so far into the distance, the incessant motion of the water, the everchanging nature.  Quicksilver.

I write in the sand words I know will either be blown or washed away.

Because we are all temporary.



  1. Because I spent a good portion of my life on the Pacific coast – sometimes within spitting distance (almost) – the ocean was a constant – I always knew where it was in relation to where I was. I miss that. Here on the east coast – the ocean is so far – and blocked by Long Island from me – that it is not part of my life here.

    I once visited a friend in Michigan and she took me to her lake – it was a strange sensation to walk into waves that were fresh water – so different from salt water waves.

    This is a lovely meditation this morning. Thanks.

  2. You’re quite welcome, Robin. I rarely pull off to take pictures, but this morning I simply had to.

    I’ve only walked into salt water once…it was definitely different, heavier, almost(yes, I know, scientifically it is!).

  3. Well, you’ll be there this Sept!

  4. Lovely rumination, Scarlett. Thanks.

  5. Hi Emerald…you’re so sweet to read my rambling 😉 I promise some real topics coming soon!

  6. Hey, at least you’re rambling, lol! (Not that would categorize it that way. ;)) I’ve been wanting to put something up on my blog all week, and somehow it hasn’t materialized yet. (I guess it requires me to actually write something for it.)

    I really did like this though. 🙂 It strikes me as quite “real.”

    • Thanks, Em 🙂 I figure if the urge grabs me, I’ll just post. Sometimes it’s bound to be erotica based! 😉

  7. Scarlett, I love the images you conjure here. I, too, grew up around water, though we only visited often in summers. I did live in CA for 5 years when a young wife/mother. We were only minutes from the Pacific and went nearly every day. I have written some of my favorite poetry by the ocean.

    Now, I’m here in OH far, far away from the Pacific. I miss it so much it brings tears. I did find a large pond, run by our metro-parks, that we frequent all year long. Not the ocean, but beggars and all that!

    • Thanks for stopping in, Tarin 🙂

      No…there really aren’t any lakes big enough in Ohio(at least, not if you’re far away from Lake Erie). I lived 2 hrs due south of Columbus for 8 years…no big bodies of water!

      There’s just something about an endless expanse of water, about not being able to see the other shore, that pulls me.

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