Juggling a bit

I spend a great deal of my time juggling.  And sometimes it’s as harried an experience as I imagine juggling fire must be.  I juggle the roles I fill in life, wife, employee, manager, breeder, cook, housekeeper and so forth.  I didn’t do too badly at that, until I started writing.  Now I’ve added writer, blogger, and tweeter to that list, and I’m struggling with the rhythm necessary to make all those roles coexist, if not happily, at least peacefully.  I’ll get there, but it’s definitely a process of learning and growth.

I took a management course a couple of weeks ago.  I took quite a bit from that seminar but one of the things that sticks out in my mind still was one of the instructor’s catch phrases.  And that was “life long learner”.

Now, in the context of that seminar, he meant that every manager needed to make a concerted effort to continue expanding their knowledge base.  That to stop learning was to become stagnant, and no business can afford a stagnant manager.


But that’s not exactly what I took from it.  Now, granted, I do identify as a “life long learner” in the way he meant.  I hunger for knowledge and read voraciously.  Research is a risky task for me to undertake as I get distracted easily, chasing tidbits of knowledge deeper than I need to into my subject matter. 

But, that phrase hit something deep inside me as my footsteps tread more and more onto the path of an erotica writer.

I’ve learning to do there.  Lots of it.  From skill to style to content.  But that’s okay.  I love learning, and some of this will be things that I can research with my husband, and there’s nothing wrong with that!  It’ll be a process that will have its ups and downs, but I think, all in all, it’ll be a great experience.

 So, I’m going to keep juggling, and learn how to juggle more and more.  I’m not too shabby at multitasking, so I should be able to handle this!


 On the writing front, I’ve a number of pies just waiting for me to dip my fingers back in.  I’ve two flash serial ideas that I’d love to get up and running, a longer piece that needs finished and posted as promised, and a handful of calls for submission that I’m really trying to take a serious chance at.  I’ll post as I go along on how that goes.

Off to do some writing, and work, and juggling!  Happy Monday!



  1. Juggling? do you ever take a break? or switch it up for fire breathing?

    • LOL! Fire breathing? I only pull that trick out when people start driving me crazy 😉 And no, I’m not really good at taking breaks, though I am taking a much needed vacation this fall! 🙂

  2. Well Scarlett, vacations can be physical, emotional or both. My mini vacations are in my writing. Total escapism. When I write I just don’t think (juggle) anything else. It’s as close as I get to loosing myself and escaping from the absurdity of time.

  3. Point taken, and, when I can honestly set aside time solely intended for writing, that works. However, alot of the time writing entails sitting in the living room, laptop on my knees, writing around a conversation with a tv show on in the background.

    Part of the juggling I’m doing is trying to find the time and space to sit and just write, with no distractions 🙂

    • You might want to start with setting up a space for it. I have my own “office” with a “if the door is shut don’t even think about it” rule. Phone is off … wireless is off … Aaaaaaah. I surrounded myself with those things that inspire me, art, books, music etc. You don’t need much. You have to want it.

  4. Very inspiring, Scarlett. My most sincere kudos to you for working, holding down a household, and writing. It can’t be easy juggling all that.

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