I’m a Harlot

Hehe.  I can lay the blame solely at Alison Tyler’s feet for making me one!  Ok, well, not solely(according to my husband).  But I wrote a piece for Alison’s Purple Prose Parade, and it’s featured today on H is for Harlot, so check it out!  Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite…

The Ribbon

“You’ll be home by five.” He leaned against the doorjam, arms crossed, an old pair of sweats slung low on his hips.

“I’ll try, Trev, but you know how the budgets are.”

He grabbed me as I passed, pressed me against the wall. The rough treatment shocked and aroused me.

“No, Payne. You’ll be home by five. We have things to resolve, you and I.”

The growl in his voice raised the fine hairs along my spine. His storm blue eyes left no room for argument.

“Ok, Trevor, I’ll be home by five.” My voice came out a meek whisper. His cock pressed through his sweats against my prim skirt, hot and growing harder by the second.



  1. Yay!

  2. You go, purple Harlot!

  3. Thank you ladies! I’m honored to be in such good company over there 😉

  4. A fun story, Scarlett, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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