I am.

Label Me ii by Rae-Nbow

I am.

I am me, not you.

I am not a label.

I am not what you see.

I am more.

I am thought and inspiration.

I am beauty and disgust.

I am things you are not and things you are.

I dare.

I push.

I open the dreaded door.

I am not what I was.

I am not what I will be.

I am only what I am.

The end result of a wandering mind.  I don’t often toy with poetry, but the image struck me this morning.



  1. Funny, it must be in the air – I’m toying with poetry today too – which I haven’t for awhile.

  2. Oh, I hit submit before I said this –

    NICE! I love the sentiment – so true so true

    • Thanks! I haven’t even dabbled with poetry for…oh my…close to fifteen years? Though I’ve been told that sometimes what I write approaches freeverse poetry 🙂

  3. “I am not what I was.

    I am not what I will be.

    I am only what I am.”

    This is SO BEAUTIFUL. Oh my.

    Thank you for sharing. I was just thinking about poetry as I was driving home a little bit ago. I haven’t actively worked on/written a poem in probably a couple years.

  4. Thank you, Emerald. I’m not sure where my mind, but it just came to me. Glad you liked it.

  5. heya, hell yeah! that is pretty much what’s been in me these past few weeks, and rock on for you. you’re very good. bravo. you can’t hear me clapping, but i am. big fat fucking hugs to you, miss thang.


  6. Thanks, Sommer {hugs}

    Don’t know how much more poetry will come from me, but glad ya’ll liked it!

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