Catching up

While I’ve been keeping up with making my 250 word challenge entries available here, I’ve not been particularly good about posting when I do.  So, below are snippits from the last three entries.  The full list is available here, and is updated weekly after the voting and reveal has completed.

In Response to the Group Sex Challenge…Hot As Hell

She drifted through walls, ceilings, floors.

The Jamisons ignored each other in 1A.

Harriet Filmore touched herself under the cold needles of her shower across the hall.

In 2B Vera and her lover quarreled again. It would be hours before they made up, fucked. She’d come back then.

But it was Lily Brant of 3A, who drew Elizabeth. The heat was astonishing at the peak of the house, but less so than the view that greeted her.


For the Kinky Challenge…His Present

Remember what you promised?”

My stomach flopped.  I nodded.

Cool satin covered my eyes, my respiration doubled.  “Please, don’t.”  My voice was barely audible.

“Are you sure?” I swallowed and tipped my head once. He tugged it down around my neck, a reminder.    His arms wrapped about my waist, pulling me against his hard chest.

“You will enjoy it.  That’s your gift to me.  I’m going to fuck you while you eat her.  You’re going to suck my cock while she tastes you.”  My knees liquefied and his grip tightened.  “You will be our toy.”

I hadn’t expected to know her.


And for the Naughty Challenge…His Siren

Her voice rippled through the room, liquid, enveloping. Her lips pursed close to the mic. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft, as she had my cock that morning. When she turned away, my eyes caressed the swell of her posterior. The lack of pantylines made my groin tighten.

Her sultry siren’s song wove a spell between us that survived the applause. When she crooked her finger at me I hurried across the lounge, followed her behind the curtains.


If you haven’t yet, go vote for the Laces Challenge, or write something for the On A Boat Challenge!  And check back later, when I reveal which I wrote for both of these.



  1. Haha – you’re better caught up than I am – I’m so bad I even forget what some stories were for. That’s my next goal after I get the interview with Randy all posted.

    • lol! I keep a list of what was written for what 😉 And a link to the poll so I can track back and figure it out! Otherwise I sit there scratching my head wondering, “Now why did I come up with THAT one?”

  2. plus I’ve lose track of which buttons are for what contests!

    • oooh, yeah, I’ve had that problem too. Thankfully most of the ones AT sends are thematically linked…at least the ones I have are!

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