She asked. . .

blindfold-spread. . .and I answered.  The “she” in question was Alison Tyler, and she asked for snippets that included blindfolds.  And I had one, so I sent it her way!



  1. Nice picture! And a lovely snippet. Are you going to post the rest if we ask, as Alison suggested? 😉

    (Oh, in case it’s not clear, consider that asking! 😉 )

  2. LOL! Yes, Emerald, I will posting the rest 😉 Problem is, it isn’t finished yet. I’ll post it as soon as I do, however 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Loved it and can’t wait till it’s finished. No pressure or anything. 😉

    • “No pressure or anything.”


      I know how that is, Scarlett. I’m working on a story I expected to be done a week or two ago. Hmph. It has a deadline, so I don’t want to move on to another one until it’s finished. (Begs the question of what I’m doing blog-hopping here then, but, you know…)

  4. That is one sexy photo.

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